The Microelectronics Center of ITB as a Center of Excellence in Broadband Wireless Access

The Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristek RI) on Tuesday (12/17/2013) had appointed the Microelectronics Center of ITB (PME ITB) as a Center of Excellence in Broadband Wireless Access (PUI BWA). PME ITB was founded in 1986 through the collaboration of the Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) and the World Bank to be a center of excellence for academic, research, and development activities in the field of Microelectronics technology. With the availability of expert human resources, complete supporting tools, and long history and experience, PME ITB deserves to be a national center of excellence in science and technology.

Inauguration ceremony of center of excellence
Inauguration ceremony of center of excellence

PUI BWA has for main objectives, which are, to develop engineering and technology, develop human resources, build industrial ecosystem, and increase the economic growth through broadband wireless access technology. PUI BWA will be fostered during the period of 3 years (2014-2017) and will be given a wide range of supports, such as finance, procedure and administration, national and international networks, research products socialization to the society and industry, and the establishment of partnership with other institutions. Besides PME ITB, several other institutions to be fostered as center of excellence in science and technology this year are, Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, Active Material Pigments Research Center – Ma Chung University, Primate Research Center – IPB, Center for Application of Isotopes and Radiation Technology – BATAN, and Research Center for Land Reclamation Technology – Jambi University.

To be a center of excellence in science and technology, as stated by the Minister of Research and Technology Gusti Muhammad Hatta, an institution has to meet two requirements which are academic and economic, so that it can produce benefit to the society. During his visit to PME ITB’s exhibition booth, he was proud to see advanced technological product made by domestic institution. In this exhibition, PME ITB showed various products and research posters in Microelectronics field. In addition, PME ITB also made video streaming application demo based on their 4G technology product.

PME ITB's exhibition booth
PME ITB’s exhibition booth
[quote]“We, in the Microelectronics Center of ITB, have successfully created 4G technology-based chip, board, and its application, which contain more than 90% of local content rate (TKDN).”, said Trio Adiono, PhD as a head of PME ITB.[/quote]

The Minister of Research and Technology mentioned that there are 12 more research and development institutions being prepared to be centers of excellence in science and technology for various fields in six economic corridors of MP3EI, such as the development of suboptimal land, land reclamation technology, sustainable tropical forestry, renewable energy, seaweed, tourism, large ruminants, sago, etc.

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