Dr. Trio Adiono gives a guest lecture at the University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. Trio Adiono, S.T., M.T. gave a seminar in the Institute for Digital Communications (IDCom), School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh with a topic of the design flow of Baseband Processor Design using System-on-Chip (SoC) Technology (5/8/2018). In that seminar, he presented about the design SoC architecture to optimally realise Visible Light Communication system.  To summarise his talk, by using SoC, we will reach not only the high-throughput but also other aspects such as the design size, speed, real-time performance and design cost. To realise the SoC, the workflow should be carried-out including the system design modelling, SoC architecture design, SoC Implementation, FPGA based prototyping and system verification.  He also told about OFDM based SoC chip design (SF).

(See his schedule at this following link: https://talks.is.ed.ac.uk/talk/1384/show)

All photo are documented by Syifaul Fuada (SF)

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