PME-ITB Agenda During a Visit to the University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. Trio Adiono, the head of University Center of Excellence on Microelectronics, Indonesia and as a lead program following by his researcher, Syifaul Fuada, M.Sc, visited the LiFi R&D Centre the Institute for Digital Communication (IDCom) for 1 week starts from May 7, 2018. This working visit program consists of: 1) a visit to LRDC IDCom; 2) Public seminar; 3) visit the Scotish Microelectronic Centre; and 4) Discussions.

  • Visit the LRDC IDCom

This laboratory actually is very confidential room. However, we can entry to see the activity of LRDC in IDCom the University of Edinburgh. We discuss about technically and non-technically topic on Light-Fidelity product of PureLiFi.

  • Talks that presented by Dr. Trio Adiono in IDCom, The University of Edinburgh (UK)

  • Visit the Scotish Microelectronic Centre

  • Discussion for IAPP program

During university visit, the University Center of Excellence ITB that represented by Dr. Trio and Syifaul Fuada discuss the scholarly publication with the IDCom that represented by Dr. Wasiu O. Popoola. Actually it gives the mutually beneficial to both IDCom and the ITB teams by IAPP program. We also discuss with LiFi R&D Center on how to expose the modern state-of-the art research facilities in visible light communication engineering and it will be applied to ITB. Later, we also discuss with Prof. Harald Haas about emerging VLC technology.

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