IC Design Laboratory

Chip Design Laboratory

IC Design Lab

IC Design for Smart Devices Laboratory is one of the Centre of Excellent of Higher Education in Indonesia. Our research topic focusses on emerging analog-digital integrated circuit and embedded system for various applications. The current research covering wireless broadband, Wi-fi tracking, e-voting, chip design for IoT, lightweight smart home system, smart card & RFID systems, and visible light communication devices and systems. The mentioned applications such as 4G baseband chipset, long-range communication device using LoRa for fisherman, smart card chip for smart campus and digital transaction, SoC for light fidelity, chip for general IoT application, and etc. Our labs located in Bandung, the beautiful city of West java (Capital town), Indonesia.

“Designing Future Chip With Advance VLSI Technology.”

Our lab is dedicated for the researcher and student who have enthusiasm in Chip Design. We are not only learn about theory, but we apply the design into real applications.
Assoc Prof. Trio Adiono, PhD
Laboratory Head
12 - Almira
Almira Diva Mahendrani
22 - Rina Triani
Neng Rina Triani, A.Md
Finance Staff
Anton Toni Agung, S.T

VLSI Architecture

We design VLSI architecture for optimum chip implementations.  Various architecture topology has been developed for specific chip applications, such as OFDM, OFDMA, Video Coding, AI etc. We use several Architecture approach such as parallel, retiming, systolic, pipeline, etc.

Digital VLSI

We design digital chip from RTL level. The design include RTL synthesis, low power optimization, speed and area optimization, design placement and routing.  The methodology also include design for verification such as formality, BIST, ATPG, scan insertion, etc.

Analog VLSI

We design analog part such as Power Management, Demodulator, Modulator, LDO, BGR and etc. We design with full custom approach, that include schematic simulation, layout design, post layout simulation and etc.

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Research Topics

  • Analog and digital ASIC design
  • FPGA based prototyping
  • System-on-Chip (SoC)
  • Chipset for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Visible Light Communication (VLC)
  • Smartcard
  • Wireless Communication (OFDM, LTE, WiMax)


The group has competencies in Analog and Digital circuits design, Digital Architecture, Full and Semi Custom design implementations, FPGA prototyping, Design Test, Low Power and High Speed Design, Design Synthesis, Placement and Routing, etc.


We have experiences in designing prototypes and products, such as WiMAX chipset , smart card  etc. Currently we are developing chipset for Internet of Things (IoT) and Visible Light Communication (VLC). We have developed several chip for various applications.

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