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eFish enables seamless connectivity over the sea. It helps fisherment to find the best location for fishing. eFish provides multi application such as navigation, weather prediction, fishing area, as well as on line chating. The product also able to report any SOS condition.

Key Benefit

  • Long Range
  • Internal Battery
  • Interactive Application
  • Navigation Function
  • Safety Features
  • Chatting Application
  • Weather Report



  • Battery capacity 4000 mAh
  • Half duplex communication
  • Support 32 channel
  • Bandwidth per channel 50 khz
  • Channel spacing 50 khz
  • Modulation (G)FSK
  • Operating frequency 169 MHz
  • Maximum Power +27 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity -126 dBm
  • Max data rate up-to 1 Mbps
  • Bluetooth V 2.0
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