MINDS™ Meshed and Internet Networked Devices System

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MINDS (Meshed and Internet Networked Devices System) is an Internet-of-Things based system, which connects, control, and monitor all of your home appliances anytime and from anywhere. MINDS use your smartphone with easy to use application for controlling your IoT devices. MINDS also has a sever that can easily add your new smart device.

Key Applications

  • Power Switch Control (e.g. TV, Rice Cooker, Lamp, etc). It equipped with power measurement to control your consumption.
  • RGB Lamp illumination Control. You can control your Lighting color based on your time and moody.
  • Door Lock Control. MINS provide smart-key system. You can remotely access your door, giving access to specific person for limited time and access.
  • Curtain Control
  • Fan Control
  • Infrared-based control. You can controll all your remote control based home appliance using minds. Therefore, you can program them based on your behaviour, location, time etc.



  • Environments : Indoor & Outdoor
  • Indoor Scheme : Wireless Sensor Network
  • Outdoor Scheme : Internet-Cloud & Mobile data
  • Indoor Topology : Mesh
  • Indoor Protocol : Bluetooth & ZigBee
  • Outdoor Protocol : Mobile data (i.e. Edge, 3G, 3.5G, 4G)
  • Control Devices : Android-based Smartphone/Tab
  • Indoor Coverage : radius ~ 10 meters (each point/node)


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